The Incomprehensible Romanian Anarchist Position

Were I ever to say these things, either to a Moldovan peasant or a neo-liberal hipster in Iași, both of them would stare back at me with eyes totally blank. This is the incomprehensible Romanian anarchist position.

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The Miraculous North East Militia

The sudden appearance of the North East Militia is nothing short of miraculous. Unlike every major US city along the West Coast, the city of Los Angeles has remained mostly resilient to the economic restructuring of the 2010s, and there is a still a chance to halt the advance of gentrification

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Anarchist Agitprop For A New Year

To celebrate the new decade, the Cinema Committee happily releases these three short videos reflecting on the past year of resistance. We hope our modest efforts inspire other anarchists to create their own media, of any variety. Media is no substitute for acting in real life with others, but it’s also a vital ingredient in […]

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The Truth About Cambridge Analytica

The two books reviewed in this article contain the truth of how the populations of capitalist nations are monitored, manipulated, and controlled through their digital devices, social media, and smart technology. One is a mystery novel called Darlingtonia, published in the fall of 2017. The other is a non-fiction book called Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America, published in the fall of 2019. Read together, these texts answer questions most people are only beginning to ask.

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