I Used To Sing The International

We are happy to publish I Used To Sing The International, an obscure and forgotten pamphlet originally released in 1983.

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The Children of Piraeus: A Video Short

We present to you our latest video-short, The Children of Piraeus, chronicling some recent events that have taken place in Exarchia, Athens. Others have written extensively about the current siege of the anarchist neighborhood, a police offensive that’s lasted for nearly two months, and the first victims of this state-led assault were the immigrant squats. […]

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The Illumination of Fulvia Ferrari

We’re happy to present The Illumination of Fulvia Ferrari, our fourth installment on this mysterious woman and her family. This latest video reveals more details about her life in the San Francisco Bay Area and the people she met along the way, including Mario Savio, Chet Baker, and a future member of the Symbionese Liberation […]

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Epstein, AirBNB, ICE, and Antifascism: An Anarchist Newsreel

We are pleased to release our latest work, Epstein, AirBNB, ICE, and Antifascism: An Anarchist Newsreel, covering the last month of intense struggle. Beyond some of the major events in the United States, we touch on the anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia in Athens, the recent jail sentences of anarchists in Firenze, and the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Italy’s fascist Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini. Our film is meant to reveal the international scope of our current struggle, the similarities between Trump and Salvini, and the total depravity of the US ruling class.

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The Great Anarchist Conspiracy

We are happy to present our latest work, The Great Anarchist Conspiracy, a documentary that charts anarchism’s resilient survival from the 1890s all the way up the 1970s. The fact that you are reading this, and are most likely an anarchist, is proof that our international movement has survived every attempt to crush it.

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