Route 8: To Infinity, From Hell

I am running late. But so is Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe metro number 8 will be giving me a ride out of the Lower Queen Anne into and through Vulcan’s South Lake Union village populated with Amazonian tech bro’s, googlites, Mircosoft importees, and the service class catering to their needs. Uncle Joe number 8 will […]


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The Transmetropolitan Review #3

The third issue of The Transmetropolitan Review has been released. Hundreds of color copies have already been distributed around Seattle and a stack is always available at Left Bank Books. This issue includes: -what is anarchism?- -uncle ike’s is going down- –take the power back from pse– -route 8: to infinity, from hell- –chronicles of […]

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Black December Forever

While the specter of anarchism may be slumbering in Seattle, it is thriving all over the planet. Over the entire month of December, 2015, a series of informally coordinated attacks took place from Uruguay to Greece to Australia and many countries in between. Banks were burned, politicians cars were set ablaze, and other capitalist targets […]

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All American Racism in Snoqualmie

Were you to walk into the City of Snoqualmie Council Chambers, you would immediately see a series of large oil paintings behind the City Council members seats. Each of these paintings depicts the colonization and deforestation of the surrounding area. Images of trains, saws, and clearcuts are all bathed in a godly light, as if […]

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