The Federal Government vs. the Tacoma Anarchists (2008)

The following video explains one of the most serious cases of infiltration and entrapment in the Pacific Northwest. Not only did every local law enforcement agency conspire against the anarchist movement, but also the Pentagon and the FBI (to name only a few). While this local history surfaces from time to time, it is always on the verge of falling out of common memory. To prevent this from occurring, we are releasing this short video.

It is compiled from pre-existing material that can be easily found on the internet. All of this is public information and is not a secret. There is more to this story than can be easily explained in ten minutes, but this video offers a brief glimpse into what happened when the entire federal government went up against a few dozen anarchists.

(This is an extract from a forthcoming film about the year 2008 in the Pacific Northwest)

The Federal Government vs. The Tacoma Anarchists (2008) II from Nicolas on Vimeo.


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