The Transmetropolitan Review #7

Our latest issue is now on the streets IRL. The link to the printable PDF can be found here (remember to flip on the short edge when printing). It can also be found at Left Bank Books and The Station. The entire issue is formatted for black and white printing and is meant to be distributed autonomously by our readers. Leave a small bundle in an appropriate place where it will be read (and your printing costs or hustling will be worth the effort). Leave a single issue on a long bus-route. Pepper them around the Facebook and Amazon campus. Put one in the break room. Stir the pot. Spread anarchism. Etc.


The political situation in Seattle has never been more dynamic and riddled with fault lines. The consequences of choices made in Seattle are effecting the entire region. Like San Francisco, Portland, and Vancouver BC, the metropolis of Seattle is causing a housing crisis that is rapidly displacing those at the bottom. The politicians and local pundits are paralyzed in the face of Amazon’s threat to open HQ2 in another city and are being economically held hostage by a bald-headed white man with a penchant for Star Trek and the CIA.

In the middle of August, shit-eating Donald Trump tweeted “Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt – many jobs being lost!” In order to obscure this basic fact, Jeff Bezos decided to force dozens of city governments to grovel at his feet by announcing open bidding for his new HQ2. Meanwhile, cheeto-face Trump doesn’t give a shit about anything and went on to tweet about his steaks and support fascism.

Between these two sociopathic white men, the truth is easily lost. Amazon is doing great damage with its blind and reckless activities and the politicians are literally begging for it. In the case of Seattle, they are begging for more displacement, rocketing housing costs, and inequality, all of which Amazon provides. With arch-swine Jenny Durkan receiving defacto-support from Amazon in her mayoral bid, the city is poised to enter a period of intense political chaos. As the primary results have shown, the 20th-century boomers and their corpo children have an unstable hold on democracy in Seattle. The extent to which they maintain their failed vision of capitalism will determine how intense the coming rebellion will be. We hope to see you on the streets when it erupts, which it will, given how fucked everything is. But take heart. Capitalism will end anyway. You decide when.

This issue includes:

By the Bright Lights of the Empire: Anti-fascism in Vancouver BC

Mice Without Cheese: The Coming Revolt of Seattle

The Evisceration of Everett: Drugs, Robots, and Death

The Facebook Blues: Social Media and Seattle

Fuck Seafair !!! A History

and more…




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