The Return of Fulvia Ferrari; or, A Brief History of Cybernetics

It was the so-called “Arab Spring” of 2010 and 2011 that mass-popularized the idea of using social media platforms and smartphones for revolutionary ends, a narrative that was embraced deeply within the Occupy Movement. This new movement, appearing during the “Arab Spring,” was the first in the US to fully utilize social-media platforms and smartphones, laying the basis for our current digital reality.


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Destroy Amazon: An Update on the Tech Dystopia

Who would wish to reappropriate nuclear power plants, Amazon’s warehouses, the expressways, ad agencies, high-speed trains…auditing firms, nanotechnologies, supermarkets and their poisonous merchandise? Who imagines a people’s takeover of industrial farming operations where a single man plows 400 hectares of eroded ground at the wheel of his megatractor piloted via satellite? No one with any […]

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