Zine: On The Endless Crime Wave

Click here for print version

We are happy to digitally publish our latest pamphlet, a paper version of our article ‘On The Endless Crime Wave,’ a text which has been organically translated into Spanish, German, and Italian by anonymous comrades across the sea. Without getting too excited, we can safely say others have found recent events in Oakland, California inspiring, and to help spread the context of what is happening there, we are now releasing the PDF for autonomous, decentralized printing.

The English and Spanish translations take up most of the text, but the final page has a microscopic reproduction of the German version, mostly to prove to people on the street we aren’t lying. Starting the week before May Day 2022, hundreds of these pamphlets were distributed across Oakland, although exclusively at corner stores and neighborhood gas stations.

Please, print a copy for your household, friends, neighbors or city, and perhaps try and envision what a similar zine or distro would look like where you live. As always, we hope something in this text inspires you to act.



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