Macario: A Story by B. Traven

We are happy to publish the full English and Spanish texts of B. Traven’s immortal story Macario. Please feel free to download, print, and scatter these pamphlets around your cities or towns in the lead up to the Dia de los Muertos celebrations. While many people in Mexico are familiar with this text, not many […]


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2021-2022: The Inferno

The Cinema Committee is happy to release our latest film, 2021-2022: The Inferno, an incomplete chronology of some of the major events that took place in this tumultuous time period. While not all of the pivotal events are depicted, we have included what we feel are the most important developments. Starting with the events of […]

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Secolo Nuovo: A Film and Review

Translation in Portuguese We are pleased to belatedly announce the publication of Secolo Nuovo; or, The Times of Promise, published by Detritus Books out of Olympia, Washington. This work of anarchist fiction and history took over a decade to complete and was shaped by many hands, including our own. We wish to congratulate the researchers, […]

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