The Transmetropolitan Review #6

Now that physical copies of the paper have been distributed between Olympia, Seattle, and Mount Vernon, we are releasing the digital PDF for printing. At a local printer, one issue costs around three dollars to print in color and about half that much for black and white. If you know a good place to distribute […]

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The New Battle Lines of Seattle

The situation in Seattle is extremely fluid and changing day by day. Locally based corporations have now begun to cleave into distinct factions in relation to the Trump administration. On the one hand, the liberal bourgeois monoliths of Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft have all parked themselves in the anti-Trump camp.

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The Transmetropolitan Review #5

In keeping with anarchist tradition, our paper has fallen out of circulation over the past few months. In large part this was due to precarity, displacement, and lack of resources. However, now that all of that’s been sorted, we return with our new issue. Physical copies of this paper have been distributed in Seattle and Olympia and we encourage all interested parties in Washington State to print the attached PDF and distribute it in their own neighborhoods and towns.

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