A Complete Idiot’s Guide to U.S. and Russian Meddling

Editor’s Note: This article has very little to do with Russia. All of the information is publicly available.

A Very Subtle Introduction

 If I had a heart I could love you, if I had a voice I’d sing.

-Fever Ray, If I Had a Heart, 2008

While this might come as a shock, the total population of the United States accounts for less than 1/24 of the Earth’s human population. China alone accounts for 1/7th, while its neighbor India accounts for another 1/7. It’s fair to assume that a common laborer in Mumbai, India spends little time worrying about the sorrows of the US population, given their daily wage is less than one US dollar, just as a common laborer in Shenzhen, China making two US dollars a day has little incentive to care that US citizens might be having a hard day. If they do happen to hear that Donald Trump is working for Russia, or that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, their reaction might be distilled as follows: it serves those bastards right.

Although it may strain the imagination, the 6,500,000,000-plus humans living outside the US most likely don’t give a shit about the problems it’s citizens are facing. They don’t care about their therapy, their trauma, their reading circles, their fifteen US dollar an hour wages, the hot wind of their politicians, or the length of their daily commutes. It’s highly likely they have enough shit to worry about, although there are a few notable exceptions. For example, if US-backing for a hydro-electric project in Brazil suddenly dries up, the indigenous whose villages would be flooded by the dam might have cause to thank their gods that something unfortunate happened to the US financiers. Likewise, if US-backing for neo-nazi death squads in Ukraine suddenly halts, the besieged Roma population might take a brief moment to thank the heavens that US imperialism has encountered a set-back. As a final example, an Iraqi mother who has just given birth to a deformed child (thanks to US depleted-uranium rounds) might pray every night for the US to be wiped off the face of the earth. Aside from examples such as these, the majority of the planet doesn’t give two shits about the US, let alone its internal problems.

The effects of US depleted-uranium rounds, Iraq

Despite this obvious reality, most citizens of the United States seem to think their problems are unique. While the computers, televisions, and radios of the US might be filled with talk of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the fact stands that the US has meddled in more elections than are within the scope of this limited article. From Mexico to Iran, from Iraq to Indonesia, from Greece to Vietnam, the US has meddled in dozens of elections during the 20th century while simultaneously causing the deaths of well-over 50,000,000 humans with its arrogant belief that it knew what was best for the world. Naturally, this will come as a shock to most US citizens, especially when they realize no one is coming to help them, nor does anyone care that Donald Trump is destroying their rotten, vicious, and arrogant government.

Cocaine’s a Hell of a Drug

Come on you guys and listen to me, lay off that liquor and let that cocaine be.

Johnny Cash, Cocaine Blues, 1968

In 2018, the movie-going, Netflix-binging US public was treated to the film Roma, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, a talented and radical film-maker also responsible for the prophetic Children of Men. In his film Roma, the director centers his narrative on an indigenous Oaxacan maid who works for a white family in Mexico City. This alone was profound for most US movie-watchers, given it introduced a common reality they were largely ignorant of: white people exist in Mexico, and they’re racist as fuck. Cuaron didn’t stop there, however, and Roma goes on to reveal that, in the 1970s, the US sponsored right-wing death squads to attack radical students brave enough to march on Mexico City streets.

While the film does show how the CIA trained these fascist killers, it never identifies the CIA, nor does it give the context for the 1971 massacre it depicts, nor does it explain the 1968 massacre that preceded it, nor does it clearly explain that the US is responsible for nearly all of the massacres carried out in Mexico throughout the late-20th century. The reason for this is simple: in artistic circles, it’s considered bad-form to tell the truth, especially a political truth, and any artist who strays from this is labelled heavy-handed, ideological, or worse, a bad artist. Although this might seem like snobbish-elitism, it is in fact a CIA-sponsored strategy to prevent artists from revealing the CIAs murderous practices across the world. That subject will be dealt with in the next chapter, but for now the show must go on.

Roma, 2018

Alfonso Cuaron had to slowly amass enough cultural capital to make Roma, let alone have it released on Netflix, and even after decades of advancing his career, the truth he told still had to be cloaked in vagueness and mystery (much like the CIA). This cinematic practice of stripping out all political truths began during the Hollywood Blacklist Era of 1947-1957, a tumultuous period that resulted in apolitical messages dominating American cinema.

For example, when the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni filmed his Zabriski Point in the US from 1968-1969, the production was hindered by constant allegations of illegal activities, un-Americanism, and even sex-trafficking. When it was finally released, this film was widely denigrated in the American press, with avant-garde New York journalists going out on a limb to explain how bad it was. While the film features Black Panther Kathleen Cleaver, anti-police violence, and an orgasmic finale of a capitalist mansion exploding from multiple angles, the US media did its best to make sure none of the crazy kids watched it, an effort which was largely successful.

Zabriske Point, 1970

In contrast, another film made between 1968-1969 encountered much more success: Easy Rider. This one was made by US citizens, and unlike Zabriske Point, the heroes of the film are two coke-dealing Americans who travel the county on motorbike in search of a New Orleans brothel. The allegedly radical content of Easy Rider is fairly easy to distill: red-necks are bad, drug-dealing free-spirits are good. In contrast, the actually radical content of Zabriske Point can be distilled as follows: blow this shit up now before it destroys the entire planet.  While the main character of Zabriski Point arms himself against the police and steals an airplane, the main characters of Easy Rider sell cocaine to Phil Spector and have vague reveries about how the American Dream isn’t quite dead, it just needs to take a little LSD and buy a motorcycle. In this regard, this CIA couldn’t have been happier with Easy Rider, especially given their love for cocaine.

Easy Rider, 1969

Both of these films were being made while CIA-trained soldiers were slaughtering hundreds of students in Mexico City during the 1968 Tlatelco Massacre, a horror most Americans couldn’t give a shit about at the time. While refugees from Mexico had been streaming across the US border for over a century, the numbers certainly increased as the CIA waged its anti-communist counter-insurgency against anyone who dared defy the ruling PRI government and its American masters. By the late 1970s, most of the Mexican guerrilla groups who fought the CIA had been wiped out, including Genaro Vázquez Rojas, Lucio Cabañas, and the Partido de los Pobres (the Party of the Poor). It was around this time that the flow of Columbian cocaine through Mexico began to dramatically increase, coinciding with the onset of the US crack-epidemic and its CIA sponsors. From the late 1970s onward, it became much more profitable to be a cocaine dealer in Mexico rather than a revolutionary on the CIA hit-list.


As the Mexican drug cartels grew in power selling Columbian cocaine (with the support of the PRI), the CIA was busy flying that same Columbian cocaine into the US, turning it into cash, and then flying that cash back to fascist paramilitaries in Nicaragua. At the same time, this CIA cocaine was being used to destabilize black communities in the US and prevent another wave of black militancy. By the late 1980s, the Mexican cartels began to war against each other and the state in a quest for power and autonomy. After years of working for the Columbian cartels and the PRI, the Mexican cartels engaged in a long and dirty war for dominance that continues today, a violent conflict that dramatically increased the number of refugees fleeing across the US border. This drug-war eventually crept over the border as well, greatly facilitated by a little project of Bill Clinton’s: NAFTA.

As if being drowned in cocaine wasn’t enough, the Democratic Party President of the US, Bill Clinton, decided Mexico now needed to be economically devastated by a free trade agreement that would throw even more impoverished people into the hands of the cartels. Faced with economic ruin, one could now either flee to the US, join the cartels, or hope for the best in Mexico. Those who remained behind were often forced to work in the increasing number of factories (maquiladoras) along the border where they were poorly paid and heavily exploited as they made cheap goods for export into the US. If these workers were women, they faced the chance of a brutal murder on the walk home, especially in Chihuahua.

bee hive

When NAFTA came into effect in 1994, the wave of Mexican immigrants into the US continued its climb, although Bill Clinton couldn’t be happier. While the US was able to flood Mexico with its own cheap products, the US economy was bolstered by a massive pool of cheap, exploitable labor from Mexico. Like any reserve army of the unemployed, these workers from Mexico simultaneously enriched the high-capitalists of the US while becoming the convenient scapegoats for a situation out of their control. During the 1990s and the 2000s, this schizophrenic paradigm continued unabated, with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party joining forces to incarcerate a token minority of immigrants in detention centers while simultaneously enriching themselves off the precarious workforce. Both parties have maintained a militarized border since the 1980s, knowing full-well what their CIA was doing south of that same border.

mexican immigration

It’s well known that Hillary Clinton supported the creation of ICE in 2002, as did the majority of the Democratic Party. They did nothing to stop the rising tide of anti-immigrant racism in the US and, in fact, did everything they could to ensure it reached its current levels with their exploitation of immigrant labor. During the peak of the US housing bubble between 2003 and 2007, tens of thousands of exploited immigrants were used to build affordable homes for US citizens while at the same time being issued predatory loans to buy their own houses. In the same time period, ICE began what it called Operation Endgame, an effort to remove all illegal aliens from the US by 2012. Before they could complete this task, the US economy collapsed, thanks to the housing bubble, and politicians scrambled to cover their asses before the shit hit the fan.

Oddly enough, had it not been for the nearly four hundred billion US dollars in liquid assets of the Mexican cartels (ie: drug money), the 2007-2008 financial collapse might have provoked an open revolution in the US. As it was, that drug-money stabilized the market and allowed several major banks to remain afloat. After a few of these financial institutions folded and a few more were bailed-out by the US government, the new Obama administration made a big show of punishing HSBC in 2012 for laundering the Sinaloa Cartel’s money. Despite all their proclamations, the US government couldn’t punish HSBC too hard, given laundered drug-money had kept the economy running, so all they did was fine HSBC less than two billion US dollars, pocketed the blood money, and continued the same behaviors that enabled the disaster in the first place. While claiming their immigration detention centers and militarized borders were there to stop drug dealers, the Democratic party of Barack Obama allowed drug-money-launderers to continue on their merry-way for one reason: no business is bad business. In this regard, they are literally no different than their Republican counterparts, often working hand in hand, and nothing changed between 2012 and 2016, the year the chickens finally came home.

An Orange Chicken Comes Home to Roost

I decided to tell the truth even if it meant being pointed at.

-Roberto Bolaño, Amuleto, 1999

While this fact isn’t well-known anymore, it used to be common knowledge: the CIA helped destroy the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, an organization formed in Oakland, California. Once Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale declared themselves communists and began openly supporting the North Vietnamese Army, the CIA helped the FBI and local law enforcement destroy the group’s network across the US. This included the CIA training a woman named Elaine Brown to undermine and destroy Huey P. Newton using cocaine as one of her tools. Beyond the drugs she encouraged him to use, Elaine Brown utilized the worst aspects of Huey P. Newton’s personality against him, making it appear that he’d brought on his own demise. The CIA was so confident in its tactics that Elaine Brown openly admits to being trained by one of their agents in her book A Taste of Power, soon to be a major motion picture.

Huey Newton & Bobby Seale, Black Panther Party HQ, Oakland, 1970s

To this day, it’s hard to find a black militant in Oakland who trusts Elaine Brown. In fact, even Oakland city-council-woman Desley Brooks was so filled with anger that she knocked out Elaine Brown at a famous BBQ restaurant. Shortly after this long-overdue incident in late-2015, a Hollywood studio contacted an Oakland film-maker and asked if he’d like to direct the film Black Panther, an adaptation of the Marvel comic book. This film-maker had achieved wide-acclaim for his 2013 Fruitvale Station, a dramatic reconstruction of Oscar Grant’s last day before his execution by BART police on January 1, 2009. While it’s unclear what happened during this film-maker’s recruitment as Black Panther director, the film-script quickly came to include a friendly CIA agent (introduced into the comics in 1998) who would be played by none-other than Martin Freeman, famous for his role as happy-go-lucky Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. If all of this is starting to sound sinister, you’re not mistaken in your assumptions.

CIA agent in Black Panther, 2018

The CIA has a long history intervening in cultural productions, some of which has been documented, most of which has not. As the poet Juliana Spahr wrote in her recent work, “while the CIA networks [of the 1950s and 1960s] were especially interested in anti-communist leftists (such as Mary McCarthy) and former communists who were willing to openly denounce communism (such as [Richard Wright]), the beneficiaries of this largess make up a who’s who of early to mid-century US culture, everyone from A.J. Ayer to Julia Child to Czeslaw Milosz.” While some of these networks were exposed by the mid-1970s, the majority continued in a variety of cultural spheres, operating concurrently with the above-mentioned CIA cocaine-smuggling network. Although there’s no direct proof the CIA meddled with the production of Black Panther, the project solidified less than two years after the Ferguson Uprising lit up Oakland streets with fires, looting, riots, and rebellion. As fate would have it, filming began just days before a certain orange chicken came home to roost.

Donald Trump rose to fame in the late 1970s and 1980s as a useful idiot for New York City business interests. Once the US rebellions of the 1960s and 1970s had been extinguished, NYC was a barren wasteland of crumbling buildings ripe with heroin and cocaine addiction. After the famous white flight to the suburbs, NYC capitalists wanted to bring money back to their imperial city, so they recruited Donald Trump to help spur the process. Once the debt-ridden city government was literally sold to Wall Street in the 1970s, the coke-snorting orange-man received a 160,000,000-dollar tax-break and began covering NYC with luxury housing. The banks of Wall Street loaned Trump even more money, regardless of the fact that he was an open racist/degenerate coke-fiend, and throughout the 1980s he borrowed over 4,000,000,000 US dollars. However, by the 1990s, his empire had fallen into ruin and no one would lend him anymore money (with the notable exception of Deutsch Bank, which did).

Donald Trump, NYC, 1980s

With nothing else to do, Trump commissioned his ghost-written Trump: The Art of the Deal, established a phony get-rich-quick-university, sold steaks, and eventually resigned himself to being a reality TV show host on The Apprentice. By the early 2000s, this aging coke-freak was in a sorry state, although he was still treated fondly by both Democrat and Republican alike and even hosted Saturday Night Live in 2015, the year before this washed-up con-man reprised his role as useful idiot, only this time it wasn’t for Wall Street. This time, Trump was working for Moscow. Operating with a thick sense of humor and poetic-justice, the Kremlin selected Trump as their wrecking-ball to begin demolishing the corrupt US empire. After all, more than any other presidential candidate, Trump was truly made in America, and insofar as he embodied the worst characteristics of the US, he was also the most honest candidate. While his rival Hillary Clinton hid her overt racism under a terrifying grin, Trump wore it openly on his sleeve. Unlike his arch-nemesis George W. Bush, Trump didn’t bother cloaking his activities under the guise of patriotism. Instead, Trump did exactly what he’d been trained to do his entire life: lie, cheat, scam, steal, loot, snort, and work for the highest bidder. In this case, the highest bidder was Vladmir Putin.

Using the exact same psychographic tactics the CIA and NSA used to control and modulate the US population, Trump’s backers commissioned Cambridge Analytica (and other entities) to begin finding psychological pressure points among US voters to ensure Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Just like Trump’s tax-avoidance and toxic-debt, the methods used to secure his election were entirely legal under US law, a fact that now prevents his critics from thinking rationally. Once he was elected president, the CIA also lost their minds, unable to comprehend their own tactics had been successfully used against them, and soon enough the Clintons, the Bushes (a CIA family), and the Obamas were all united in a crusade to regain their lost power. Between 2016 and 2019, the anti-Trump factions of the government have engaged in an extensive campaign to rehabilitate both the CIA and the FBI, positing them as honest defenders of US democracy and champions of freedom. Liberals and conservatives have united to defend what’s left of their fading empire, although their efforts were doomed long beforehand. As the preceding pages may have illustrated, the crimes of the US and the CIA are beyond extensive, and the chicken has finally come home to roost.

Black Panther premiere, Harlem, 2018

When it was finally released in 2018, the movie Black Panther was a smash-hit, earning well-over 1,000,000,000 US dollars. The desperate population of the US flocked to this film in the hope of curing their long-held racist behaviors and treated the premier like Holy Water capable of absolving their country’s sins. Politicians of every stripe praised this film and even arranged public screenings so everyone could gaze at it in wonder. At first, the few militants in the US were unable to comprehend how the CIA had been able to pull such a fast-one. After all, it was the CIA which ordered the destruction of the Black Panther Party, a well-known fact in radical circles, and the wide-popularity of Black Panther insulated it from any sort of radical critique, at least for a while. However, it’s been a year since that film was released, and repeated-viewings have been unable to remove Trump from office. Now that the mesmerism has worn off a bit, not even the Motion Picture Academy felt inclined to award it Best Picture at their 2019 ceremony, regardless of how earnestly the CIA was tweeting about it the night of. While it’s still too early to tell, it appears the population of the US might be slowly waking up, although by the time they achieve full-consciousness, their country will be just another third-world shit-hole no one cares about.

Sonnet by Wendy Trevino

Crime and Punishment, War and Peace

We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.

-Lev Tolstoy [Лев Толстой], War and Peace [Война и мир], 1869

To be perfectly clear, Russia is an empire just like the US, and Vladimir Putin is a ruler no different than Trump (although he’s vastly more intelligent). In spite what Noam Chomsky might say on television, Russia behaves just like any other empire, regardless of its hatred towards the US, and it’s well-documented that the FSB represses its own domestic radicals just as thoroughly as the CIA represses their own. Despite all of this, the fact remains that Russia doesn’t have military bases around the world, nor does it have the level of influence the US has possessed since the end of WWII. After the collapse of the USSR, it took nearly three-decades for Russia to reach its present level of limited-influence, using far less resources and thriftier, more economical means to achieve its ends. For this reason, their efforts to destabilize the United States have been wildly successful.

The strategy of this Russian meddling is extremely simple: If the US is filled with crypto-fascism and racism, make it overt. If the US is filled with covert corruption, make it overt and rampant. If US law-enforcement covertly works with racists and fascists, make that work overt and obvious. If the US runs on well-crafted lies and clandestine manipulation, encourage open lies and brazen manipulation. In this manner, Russia has to barely do anything besides provide a gentle push. For example, Russia spent a paltry 100,000 US dollars on Facebook ads and trolling in the lead-up to the 2016 election (compared to 81,000,000 US dollars by Clinton and Trump). For this meager sum, Russia not only sunk Facebook into an oblivion of investigations and criticism, it de-legitimized anyone who uses Facebook for anything. As a famous American credit card advertisement might phrase it: Trolling on Facebook: 100K. Destabilizing the entire network: Priceless.

Facebook accounts legally run by Russian intelligence 

When it comes to the US/Mexican border, Russia has mildly encouraged the most racist elements of US society to vent their true feelings and join Trump’s crusade to build a wall and more detention camps for captured immigrants. Again, Russia doesn’t have to do very much, given how racist US society is, although the strategy is double-edged. While the Republicans have always been generally open with their xenophobia, the Democrats have always hidden their own xenophobia behind feigned smiles and false humanism. Knowing this to be the case, the Russian strategy has placed the Democrats in a position where they must either oppose all of Trumps racist border-wall vision, or make compromises with him. As should be clear by now, the Democrats are making compromises with their disgusting smart-wall and the nearly 1,375,000,000 US dollars they recently approved to fund the existing militarized border. In this manner, both parties are exposed for exactly what they are. Everything happening today along the US/Mexico border was happening under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and so forth. Now it’s just obvious, as it always should have been.

This strategy of destabilizing the US began in earnest during the Ukrainian Euromaiden Protests of 2013-2014, a moment when the Russian Federation grew tired of the US and its covert manipulations. Despite clear evidence that the CIA was involved in backing Ukrainian neo-nazi forces over pro-Russian forces, the US pretended it was all organic. In a reversal of this strategy, Putin ordered the Russian army to seize the Crimean Peninsula in February 2014, although they did so with no insignia on their vehicles or uniforms. When asked by the media if they were Russian soldiers, members of the army would point at the blank spot on their sleeves and say: No, of course not. By the end of 2014, Russia had also helped seize portions of Eastern Ukraine, forcing the US to either respond openly or not. As fate would have it, the US didn’t respond openly, although they continued to covertly back neo-nazi forces, just as they simultaneously backed jihadists in their covert war against the Syrian government.

east ukraine soldiers
Pro-Russian soldiers, Eastern Ukraine

It was this bloody conflict in Syria that finally tipped the scales against the US empire. Even elements of US society were aghast when they discovered the CIA was arming Al-Qaeda fighters in their efforts to dethrone Bashar al-Assad, and it quickly became clear the US was unwilling to do much more than this (although the US did engage in a limited number of air-strikes). While this CIA-aid was taking place, a strange and open alliance was playing out between the Department of State, the CIA, and Google, all in an effort to win in Syria. As these two entities of the federal government were openly directing aid to Al-Qaeda in Syria, Google was openly releasing tools to undermine Assad while simultaneously aping the State Department/CIAs talking points verbatim, proving there was an open alliance between the state and capital. In the meantime, Google (openly-birthed by the CIA) was trying to force its Google Glass onto the world, inviting Hillary Clinton and CIA-toad Henry Kissinger to address its employees, and generally basking in its ambitions for a techno-fascist state that scared more people than the usual US radicals. As it turned out, Hollywood was also a little terrified of the Google goliath.

In the midst of the CIA trying to drum up domestic US support for war in Syria, the police executed another black male in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. The murder of Mike Brown was a normal occurrence in the US, and few people believed the killer would ever be brought to justice in a court of law. As the US public awaited the outcome of this trial, the CIA was gleefully awaiting the release of a comedy film called The Interview. The plot involved James Franco and Seth Rogen being recruited by a CIA agent to assassinate Kim Jong Un, the ruler of North Korea, an open challenge to this long-time foe of the CIA. The film also equated the fascist-garbage-music of Katy Perry with feminism, championed the CIAs conception of cultural freedom (sex, murder, alcoholism, drug use, degeneracy), and openly called for the assassination of a foreign leader. As could be expected, this angered North Korea, who then ordered the Guardians of Peace to hack Sony Pictures (the distributors of the film) and steal massive amounts of information. Knowing the racist US would never find a cop guilty of murder, North Korea waited until the day of the not-guilty verdict to order the release of the hack. Just as another round of riots broke out in the Fergusson Uprising, the public learned just how much Hollywood hated Google.

Related image
Katy Perry look-a-like CIA agent (w/ James Franco & Seth Rogan)

While the streets of the US filled with fire, everyone named in the Sony Hack began to tear each other apart, adding to the general chaos. By the time the first wave of the Ferguson Uprising had subsided in January 2015, the situation in Syria drastically changed, especially after Russia began to directly intervene, dooming the US efforts to eventual failure. Torn apart by its own contradictions, the US continued its plunge into collapse with the Democratic Party throwing itself behind Hillary Clinton in the upcoming 2016 elections. The rest is now history.

A Completely Inadequate Conclusion

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

-William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, 1599

Hopefully this article has helped reveal the current reality and burned away any remaining delusions still lingering. In case some of the above points remain obscure to the reader, the story of Seattle might clear up certain matters. After all, Seattle is the city that unleashed Amazon onto the world, and it provides the clearest example of how the US is its own worst enemy.

For the entirety of the Bush and Obama administrations, the FBI engaged in what can only be called mass-entrapment against US citizens. Rather than thwarting organic terrorists, the FBI sent its agents out into the country to groom terrorist-cells, encourage them to commit terrible acts, and then arrest them before those false-flag attacks could take place. Out of the 580 successfully prosecuted terrorism cases between 2001 and 2016, almost all of them were manufactured by the FBI through their entrapment strategy. As should be obvious, it’s doubtful Russia paid the FBI to engage in this behavior, just as it’s unlikely Bush and Obama accepted Kremlin money to discredit themselves through this mass-entrapment. Coincidentally, the FBI, Bush, and Obama all hate Trump, just as this FBI strategy is now nearly non-existent under Trump’s presidency.

Before their entrapment tactics came to an end, a federal prosecutor named Jenny Durkan ordered a convicted child-molester to become an FBI informant and entrap two mentally-ill men into one of these terror plots. This convicted child-molester insinuated himself into the lives of these two men, stole their money, slept with their wives, and convinced them to attack an Army recruitment center near Seattle in 2011. On the day of the attack, the FBI successfully thwarted their own plot and championed the arrests as a victory against terrorism.

The FBIs child-molester informant, Robert Childs

In the hope of replicating her success, Jenny Durkan sent this child-molester to infiltrate anarchist circles in 2012 and encourage another terror-plot. Luckily, the anarchists of Seattle were familiar with this strategy and easily flushed out this degenerate cretin, although not before he’d attended an anarchist family BBQ less than a block from a local high-school (something a convicted child-molester is prohibited from doing under US law). Still determined to use this scumbag for their strategy, arch-swine Jenny Durkan sent him into another group of radicals, several of whom he sexually assaulted. In the meantime, this FBI informant also managed to earn two more charges for child-molestation (which were ignored thanks to his special status). This monster was eventually exposed and fled Seattle for Florida where he was ultimately arrested by local enforcement (although he was quickly released). It’s unknown what happened to him after that, although Jenny Durkan made out like a bandit.

Jenny Durkan, former federal prosecutor, Mayor of Seattle, at Amazon HQ1

As a loyal member of the Democratic Party, this open liberal ran for Mayor of Seattle in 2017 and easily won against her opponents. Despite the local radical community reminding Seattle what she’d done, the loyal Democratic Party voters ignored her documented crimes and elected Jenny Durkan with open arms, revealing their city’s absolute and disgusting hypocrisy. Despite being called out in public at a beloved liberal institution, Durkan has enjoyed a relatively calm tenure as Mayor, so calm in fact that she openly discouraged the taxation of Amazon and thwarted every modest effort of the City Council to reign in this scrupulous corporation. Her crowning achievement of this pro-Amazon campaign was her proud unveiling of the Amazon Spheres (otherwise known as the Bezos-balls), a disgusting ceremony of greed, gluttony, and corruption.

To be perfectly clear, Russia didn’t pay Jenny Durkan to employ a convicted child molester as an FBI informant, nor did Russia encourage her to engage in a false-flag entrapment plot. It’s highly doubtful Vladmir Putin phoned Jenny Durkan and advised her to blatantly display the absolute hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, just as its doubtful he asked her to side with Amazon over the city of Seattle. The people in Seattle who voted for her were not paid by Moscow, nor were they told to become selfish pigs too self-centered to see the writing on the wall. As a matter of fact, Russia was involved in none of this. The fault, as should be obvious by now, is entirely their own.

While the Russian destabilization strategy might seem too ingenious to thwart, there is one easy way to trump it: The United States must stop being a vile den of racism, greed, murder, hypocrisy, exploitation, inequality, and arrogance. In other words, the United States must cease to exist. Hopefully, this isn’t too much to ask.


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