2021-2022: The Inferno

The Cinema Committee is happy to release our latest film, 2021-2022: The Inferno, an incomplete chronology of some of the major events that took place in this tumultuous time period. While not all of the pivotal events are depicted, we have included what we feel are the most important developments.

Starting with the events of January 2021, the film then travels to California where a massive wave of crime has been spreading from the major cities, most notably out of Oakland, California. The bulk of the film is dedicated to recounting the experiences of the Mapuche and the Wet’suwet’en tribes in this same time period, two struggles with heavy implications for the future of the planet.

In addition, the film follows the Zapatistas on a boat across the Atlantic, documents the insane levels of social war happening in Ukraine BEFORE THE WAR, dwells on recent events in Greece, and then maps the disintegration of the French Republic as the colonies of Guadeloupe and Corsica flare into rebellion. The film ends with disturbing short on the war in Ukraine and a lengthy segment on the recent attack on CGL gas pipeline infrastructure in so-called British Columbia.

While the time period documented has been pretty bleak, this film is meant to remind the viewer that if their town, city, or region is quiet, there has been plenty of rebellion amid the gloom, even if they don’t see, and so we’ve weaved most of it together to present a more inspiring reality than the one most of us live in. Apologies to all we didn’t have time to document.

Long Live Anarchy!


One thought on “2021-2022: The Inferno

  1. There ist no way to stop the mass with violence, violence against the mass is suicide, the mass is blinded by the psychopaths, the mass is the body of the psychopaths.
    There is only the way of silence an complete abandonance, this could be suicide, but this could also be the way of hiden zones of anarchy…… – if you believe in a possible future, you must survive and wait, because the mass will destroy itsself!

    If you don´t belive in a possible future for human beeings in freedom, you can take it easy, than you do wathever you want, because anyway it is without any meaning.


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